About Us

The inspiration of HelloMaker dates back to when Elsa was in elementary grade. Her school opened a tinker lab and Elsa fell in love with hands-on creating and learning. In middle school, she continued to stay involved by volunteering there as a teacher assistant.
During the summer of 2020, the struggles and inequalities of Covid inspired Elsa to share her passion for making to help students feel less isolated and passive. With the aim to develop an accessible virtual maker community, HelloMaker was born. HelloMaker has grown to an organization led by a team of ten motivated and enthusiastic students ages 14 to 18 years old.

Our Journey

HelloMaker started in the summer of 2020 as a way to share the team’s love for creating with our community.

For us, HelloMaker has been our own maker project that has undergone phases of trial and error. Starting as youtube videos that we later developed into a Learning Management System, we experimented and observed what our community needed. When we got feedback that an LMS didn’t engage our target audience, we pivoted to host live virtual workshops. During the lockdown, we were well received by families. Yet as San Francisco opened in the summer of 2021 interest in virtual workshops lessened. A new demand for in-person activities encouraged the team to test in-person workshops at Salesforce park and Creative Communal. The in-person workshops being a huge success, we collaborated with SCRAP to bring in-person workshops to community hubs around San Francisco. Our team reflected that 1h workshops didn’t provide a lot of time to delve deep into concepts with attendees. Therefore we were ecstatic to develop and lead a youth summer program– Maker Camp– for Celsius and Beyond where half of the students come from public schools.

As of this moment, HelloMaker is working with Celsius and Beyond to run an after-school program for public school students during the school year.

We would love to have more volunteers and would be delighted to have you be part of our friendly team!

Our Team

We are a student lead platform with a passion for crafts and creativity.

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Elsa fell in love with her school’s tinkerlab when she was in elementary. All through middle school she volunteered as a teacher assistant by facilitating activities and developing project curriculums in order to stay involved. Two years later she is still an avid maker who is honored to bring her enthusiasm for creation to HelloMaker. 

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Sofia has loved to craft and create ever since she was little. Sofia also loves entrepreneurship, computer programming, and all kinds of crafting. In her free time, Sofia likes to run, crochet, and sew/draw.



Christy has been tinkering and creating for as long as she can remember! Her love for building blossomed when she took her first metal shop class in high school and she’s been a dedicated maker ever since. When she’s not working on her next project, you can find Christy drawing, painting, or baking!



Theresa is an avid doer and maker who loves all things science! She especially loves doing experiments and projects that involve motion and physics. When not outside, Theresa can be found watching Olympic reruns.



Shima is passionate about tinkering and mentoring younger students. She has mentored local elementary school students through team building activities and arts explorations. As well as building signs and furniture for the local community. Shima strives to create a positive impact in our community through collaboration and communication. 



Julia started building things with her father as a toddler and has always loved the design-create process. Julia also loves biology and the natural world, one of her favorite activities is hiking and a fun fact about Julia is that she is currently trying to hike every part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.








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