Empathy Build

Back to Challenge Page Challenge Empathy Build Build for another person’s problem: Understand and empathize with the person’s problem Draw different solutions Test the solutions (prototype) Get the person’s feedback and repeat steps as needed Build the final project! Gallery

Math into Art

Back to Challenge Page Challenge Math into Art Find a way to take math and make it into art! This can be geometrical shapes, patterns, numbers and more. Image by babbledabbledo.com Gallery

Make It Light Up

Back to Challenge Page Challenge Make It Light Up Try and transform something so that it lights up. This can mean adding a light bulb, reflecting light, or what ever your creativity takes you. Gallery

Move Without Touching

Back to Challenge Page Challenge Move Without Touching Make an object move without touching it. Some ideas could include air, water, rolling, static electricity or whatever else you find! Image from Kiwico.com Gallery

Harness The Sun

Back to Challenge Page Challenge Harness the Sun Create a project that uses the sun. That could mean using the sun’s light, heat, or other.  Gallery

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