Here are sample slide decks that explore Science Educational Standards through hands on activities. If you are an educator interested in incorporating hands on learning to your classroom, contact us though the “Educator Contact” form and we will work with you to create a custom activity for your classroom that reinforces your educational topic (which can include math, science, history, literature, art, other).

HelloMaker hopes to gauge teacher’s interest in these educational slide decks and would appreciate any suggestions or feedback (which can also be relayed through the “Educator Contact” form).

Workshop Slide Decks

Physical Science
  • 3th grade – 90 min – Mobile Structures – learn about weights/loads and balance (Virtual & In Person) 
  • 4th Grade – 55 min – Moving Jellyfish – static energy (Virtual & In Person) 
  • 5th Grade – 30 min – Ink Lotus – explore mixtures and chromatography (Virtual & In Person)

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