Maker Cart

Our Maker Cart is equipped with supplies, lesson plans, and resources for teachers in Excelsior public schools and libraries to introduce tinkering and making to K-8 classrooms and encourage students to develop valuable hard and soft skills.

Thank you to our community fiscal sponsor, Mission Science Excelsior Workshop, and grant donor, Excelsior Collaborative.


Accessing a Maker Cart

  • Requesting a Maker Cart from HelloMaker – Coming Soon

Maker Cart Curriculum

Iteration 1 of Maker activities – Coming soon

Our Journey

Team's Journey in Building Maker Cart Design

  • Interviews Notes – Coming Soon
  • Survey Findings – Coming Soon
  • Sketches – Coming Soon
  • Beta Test Notes – Coming Soon

Build your own Maker Cart

  • Materials Needed – Coming Soon
  • Assembly Video – Coming Soon
  • Affordable Alternatives – Coming Soon

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