Maker Cart

Our Maker Cart is equipped with supplies, lesson plans, and resources for teachers in Excelsior public schools and libraries to introduce tinkering and making to K-8 classrooms and encourage students to develop valuable hard and soft skills.

Thank you to our community fiscal sponsor, Mission Science Excelsior Workshop, and grant donor, Excelsior Collaborative.


Accessing a Maker Cart

  • Requesting a Maker Cart from HelloMaker – Coming Soon

Maker Cart Curriculum

Iteration 1 of Maker activities – Content sourced from Network and adapted from Mission Science Workshop

Additional Lesson Resources - Not affiliated with the Maker Cart

Click here for more Maker Challenge prompts and design worksheets by Little Inventor

Click here for challenge cards designed for different grade levels by Mackin. Note that they use brand-specific materials, but they could be replaced with similar more accessible supplies

Our Journey

Team's Journey in Building Maker Cart Design

  • Interviews Notes – Coming Soon
  • Survey Findings – Coming Soon
  • Sketches – Coming Soon
  • Beta Test Notes – Coming Soon

Build your own Maker Cart

  • Materials Needed – Coming Soon
  • Assembly Video – Coming Soon
  • Affordable Alternatives – Coming Soon

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