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Featured Project

The intention of this video was to introduce the Maker Cart project to a high school’s working class so that their students would continue to build carts. In fact, last semester of 2022, two carts were built in addition to the one in the video. 


Youth summer Maker Camp led by HelloMaker

The goal of HelloMaker is to expose more students to hands-on learning. With an emphasis on underserved students, we help elementary-middle school students become creators rather than consumers, ultimately giving them the skills to succeed in the dynamic workforce of the 21st century.

To accomplish our mission, HelloMaker has hosted workshops for half a dozen elementary community centers around San Francisco, created hundreds of maker kits for underserved students, and led over 30 free public workshops.  We also run a youth summer camps and after school programs with the purpose teaching students to become creative problem solvers.

Workshop about static energy at Cavalry Hill

Maker Workshops

We host maker workshops to create, learn, and connect.

Animation and Zoetrope

Spoon Catapult

Electric Jellyfish

Maker Guests

We invite makers come in to present their work or host an activity.

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Website Developer

Elsa is a student who has created countless websites using website builders like weebly, wordpress and HTML & CSS. In her workshop she will introduce students to weebly a beginner friendly and free website builder. Start creating websites today!

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Children's Book Author & Illustrator

Abbie is a traditional and digital artist who used her love for art and storytelling to create a children’s book. Learn about Abbie’s journey developing and publishing Carly and the Crate Crew at the age of 16. Start thinking of your own story that you may want to publish one day.

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Intro to Laser Cutter/Engraving

Analog Equilibrium (aka Tom) is an Artist, Arts Advocate, and long-time resident of San Francisco. His work often involves light sources and playful uses of color.  Over recent years Analog’s creative energies have coalesced around using commercial laser cutters/engravers to make artistic, decorative and utilitarian objects from a wide range of materials – acrylic, wood/MDF, cardstock, leather, fabrics, etc.  
Now he is going to share his own arc of experience learning the basics of how to use laser cutters and start making!

Maker Challenges

We have online tutorials and challenges for students to create and share something new.


HelloMaker is designed for elementary to middle school students. All our virtual workshops have a recommended age level.

We require all attendees to RSVP for any given maker workshop session. We avoid having huge groups so spots are limited. There are workshops every Saturday at 10am PST. Workshops are facilitated on zoom and include an introductions, icebreaker, activity of the day, learning segment, and reflection. 

For most activities, you don’t! We teach activities that use common household materials in mind like glue, pencils, cardboard, aluminum foil, ect. There are exceptions though, like paints for art or hardware for robotics. However for some live zoom events Hello Maker can provide kits if offered and requested in the registration.

Unless the live event or online activity clearly specifies for parent supervision, it’s not necessary. We create activities specifically so that kids can complete them on their own. However, parents are always welcome to supervise and even participate in the activities with their kids! 

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Animation and Zoetrope

Date: Saturday 10:00 -10:45 am PST on Zoom, April 24, 2021

Have you ever wanted to make your drawings move? Together we’ll learn how early animations were created and make our very own!

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Spoon Catapult​

Date: Saturday 10:00 -10:45 am PST on Zoom, May 1, 2021

Make your own ancient defense mechanism with items you can find a home! We’ll be making a simple, easy and fun spoon catapult together!

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Electric Jellyfish

Date: Saturday 10:00 -10:45 am PST on Zoom, March 27, 2021

Activity inspiration and images from Kiwico

Can you make a paper jellyfish move without touch it!? In this activity we will be creating a craft that will explore the “magic” of energy.

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